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a warm welcome aboard to all new joiners!
my 2012 album, ´see yonder our despiser´, is now available in its entirety in popular youtube format.
all ye fans of indie acoustic dreamgazing music to chill and fume to - check it out here
have a nice one!

P.S. the guys below APPROVE!

THURSTON MOORE of SONIC YOUTH fame: “Ronnie is a good guy. I’m not entirely sure who he is, but he got in touch the other day and his stuff is… goood… cough”

J MASCIS of DINOSAUR JR: “Ronnie Slogun is the only hope of the next generation of space wankers.”

GIBBY HAYNES of BUTTHOLE SURFERS: “Pioughdksjbfksd!!F@**?!”

** Listener discretion is advised.

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